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Below, you will find some information from various UGA departments that will help to ensure your years at UGA are well-rounded and successful. Take some time to explore some of the differing departments and reach out to them if you have any additional questions about their offerings or services.

Academics, Schools & Academic Departments
Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

Committed to Developing Leaders of Character! UGA’s Air Force ROTC program develops the leaders of tomorrow by preparing students to become Air Force and Space Force officers. Build lifelong friendships, develop leadership skills, and prepare for a rewarding career after graduation.

For New Students

The University of Georgia AFROTC provides you with a challenging program that allows you to earn the college degree of your choice, while also teaching effective time management skills, the importance of maintaining a high standard of physical fitness, and encouraging you to hone analytical skills needed for a career in the Air and Space Forces. Through both academic and practical skills training, you will be molded into a leader and an officer in the United States Air and Space Forces. Students can take the freshman and sophomore classes free of obligation, if they are unsure as to whether or not they wish to commit to the Air and Space Forces. Students can pick any major the University has to offer. Students who complete our upper-level classes earn a minor in Aerospace Studies. Upon graduation, students will enter active duty (four-year commitment) as a commissioned officer, 2nd Lieutenant, in the United States Air and Space Forces.

Contact Info

207 Hardman Hall, 201 D.W. Brooks Drive Athens, GA 30602
(706) 542-0550

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Double Dawgs

Double Dawgs Double Dawgs program provides students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years or less, giving students a competitive advantage after graduation while helping lower the overall cost of a college education. With over 200 different structured Double Dawgs pathway options, qualified students can take advantage of the many unique opportunities to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree within a five-year timeframe. To learn more about this program and the different Double Dawgs pathways, please visit the Double Dawgs website.

Contact Info

104 Holmes Hunter Academic Building

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College of Family and Consumer Sciences- Student Success and Advising Center

The Student Success and Advising Center (SSAC) is the academic hub of the college. Located in 112 Dawson Hall, you can find information on your major, getting involved, and developing leadership skills. It’s a great place to catch up with friends or just hang out. The SSAC also coordinates academic advising for the college. FACS academic advising is student-centered and individualized to meet the varied academic and career paths of our students. FACS academic advising is designed to establish a long-term advisee-advisor relationship for maximum academic support. To learn more please visit our advising page. Academic advising is required each semester.

Contact Info

Location: Dawson Hall, Room 112


Phone: 706-542-4847

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First-Year Odyssey Seminar Program

Your first year at UGA is an exciting time to engage, experience and explore the opportunities available to you at the University of Georgia. The First-Year Odyssey seminars are designed to introduce you to the academic life of the University. These seminars will allow you to engage with faculty and other first-year students in a small class environment to learn about the unique academic culture the University offers. Faculty will share their passion for research, teaching and service as you begin your academic journey at UGA. We offer over 300 seminars proposed by UGA faculty on amazing topics focused on the teaching, research and service passions of our faculty. To learn more about this program and the different First-Year Odyssey seminars that will be offered this fall, please visit the First-Year Odyssey website.

Contact Info

104 Holmes Hunter Academic Building


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Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute

The Portuguese Flagship Program at UGA is supported by a Department of Defense initiative that provides undergraduate students the opportunity to become Global Professionals by acquiring superior language proficiency in Portuguese through innovative language instruction at UGA and through our study abroad programs. Scholarships up to $20,000 per student are available through the Portuguese Flagship Program (PFP) to study abroad in the summer and/or the fall/spring semesters. Zell and Hope Scholarships can also be applied to these study abroad programs making them very affordable. Students interested in joining the Portuguese Flagship Program should enroll in a beginning PORT course (PORT 1110 or PORT 1001) in the fall. Flagship representatives will come to your PORT courses to help you learn how you can join the program and receive scholarship funds.

For New Students

All Flagship students are provided with free tutoring during their PORT courses.

Contact Info
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute 290 S. Hull St. Athens, GA 30602
Kathleen Schmaltz, Associate Director for the Portuguese Flagship Program,

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Microbiology: Exploring the unseen world Microbiology represents the intersection between biochemistry, biology, and geology. Microbes cause the infectious diseases that are some of our biggest foes, yet are also our closest companions, with microbial cells outnumbering human cells in our bodies. They are the engines that drive the biosphere and shape our climate. Our department encompasses scientists studying a broad range of fields, including microbial physiology, molecular microbiology, genetics, genomics, symbiosis, pathogenesis, biotechnology, computational biology, and ecology. Graduates of our program go on to jobs in a wide variety of fields, including health care, public health, science policy, food safety, pharmaceuticals, industrial microbiology, and scientific research at academic and government institutions.

For New Students

Our American Society of Microbiology student chapter will host a kickoff meeting in September followed by a meet and greet dinner for interested students to interact with faculty in October.

Contact Info

Ms. Kim Brown, 527 Biological Sciences Building
Dr. Jennifer Walker, 327 Biological Sciences Building

Russian Flagship Program

The UGA Russian Flagship Program is a federally-sponsored initiative that provides opportunities for undergraduate students of any major to reach a professional level of competence in Russian by graduation, experience study abroad and professional internships, and earn prestigious Flagship certification. The program offers considerable resources and innovative instruction to students interested in international careers, global travel and communications, and intercultural awareness, particularly pertaining to Russian-speaking countries. Students interested in becoming global professionals can pursue their selected majors while enjoying carefully planned intensive programming domestically and overseas in the Russian language. The program welcomes applications from undergraduates of all majors and at any level of prior experience in Russian. If you are interested in joining our freshman cohort in Fall 2020, secure your spot in RUSS1011 before the start of the fall term!

For New Students

Incoming students receive an individualized plan of study that combines the Russian Flagship Program’s requirements with the students’ selected majors, career advising, access to accelerated Russian courses, personalized Russian tutoring, proficiency testing, and a rich cultural curriculum in their first year of participation in the program. In addition, Russian Flagship Program students have the opportunity to study abroad in Russian-speaking countries including Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Russia and have access to exclusive scholarships as well as advising and mentoring opportunities.

RUSS 1011 Intensive Elementary Russian I is open to students who are interested in learning Russian at an accelerated pace and taking the first step toward a global career. Incoming students joining the Russian Flagship Program will receive individualized advising and are welcome at a variety of Russian Flagship Program academic, cultural, social, and professional events throughout the semester.

Contact Info

315 Aderhold Hall, 110 Carlton St. Department of Language & Literacy Education University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602  706-542-4525

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Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

The Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources prepares leaders in the conservation and sustainable management of forests and other renewable natural resources using the latest ideas and technology for real world applications.

For New Students

Welcome Back Cookout- September 2020

Contact Info

Mrs. Whitney Jones Student and Career Services Coordinator

180 East Green Street, 1-214 | Athens, GA 30602

P: 706-542-8964 | E:

UGA Libraries

The University of Georgia Libraries act as a gateway to knowledge that can help us all better understand our world and drive solutions to its grand challenges. We provide the tools necessary for success for students and scholars, from books, journals, online tools, and special collections to technology, study spaces, and more. Our librarians are available to help students at each of our locations on campus as well as via online chat at

For New Students

Chat/Consultation – Get help for any academic subject from a librarian subject specialist Electronic/Print Resoures – Books, journals, historical documents, visual and audio media, and more Study spaces – Quiet study and group study options available in our locations across campus Tech lending @ Miller Learning Center – Laptops, tablets, cameras, chargers, and more High Performance computers @ the Science Library – AutoDesk software, GitHub, R, QGIS, and much more Skill development – Makerspace, Digital Humanities Lab, GIS, Sound Recording Booth, Digital Media Lab Experiential learning opportunities – Students working at the UGA Libraries can earn experiential learning credit

Contact Info

University of Georgia Libraries

320 S. Jackson Street Athens, GA 30602



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Student Support Services
Equal Opportunity Office (EOO)

The EOO is responsible for ensuring that UGA complies with all applicable laws and policies regarding discrimination on the basis of race, sex (including sexual harassment and pregnancy), gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity or national origin, religion, age, genetic information, disability or veteran status. The EOO houses the Title IX Coordinator and the ADA/504 Coordinator.

For New Students

The EOO is responsible for ensuring that UGA complies with all applicable laws and policies regarding discrimination on the basis of race, sex (including sexual harassment and pregnancy), gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity or national origin, religion, age, genetic information, disability or veteran status. We are the reporting and investigating office responsible for enforcing the Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. We investigate allegations of prohibited harassment and discrimination.


Contact Info

Address: 278 Brooks Hall

Phone: 706-542-7912



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Office of the Registrar

DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor a student’s progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks combines the University of Georgia’s degree requirements and the coursework completed into an easy-to-read worksheet that helps see how courses completed count toward degree requirements, and that helps to see what courses and requirements still need to be completed. This system is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace advising sessions. DegreeWorks may be accessed at

The University of Georgia Bulletin is the official publication for academic information at the University of Georgia. Students can use the UGA Bulletin to explore and compare majors, minors, and certificates, as well as to research courses to take. To learn more about Bulletin, please visit the Bulletin website at

For New Students

Overview videos available at

Contact Info

Office of the Registar

106 Holmes-Hunter Academic Building

(706) 542-6358

Any DegreeWorks questions?

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Student Transitions

The Department of Student Transitions (ST) provides dedicated support and resources to help students navigate key times of transition during their time at the University of Georgia. Student Transitions is dedicated to supporting you through your entire college experience, from your entry into UGA, determining your major and field of study, changes in residential and financial statuses, and preparation for future study or entering the workforce following graduation. The department works closely with campus partners to integrate and connect transition resources and meet your unique needs as a UGA student.

For New Students

WelcomeUGA – Welcome UGA is a group of programs and events designed to welcome new and returning students to campus each semester. These events take place during the first several weeks of fall & spring semester and are a great way to meet new friends, share your Bulldog pride, and kick off the academic year. Transfer Student Welcome – The Transfer Student Welcome, part of the Transfer Student Experience, kicks off each semester as an official university welcome for new transfers. Meet other transfer students, learn about campus resources, and prepare to make the most of your UGA experience! ECHD 1537 – This campus leadership course is offered only to incoming first-year students and explores student leadership through a transition lens. Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, explore campus, and build community with peers and upperclass mentors.

Contact Info

Location – Tate Student Center

Website – Coming in July

Email –

Transfer Services

The Office of Transfer Services provides information to potential transfer students for planning purposes as well as liaising with other units across campus to provide programming for transfer students. Additionally, we provide resources and advocacy for transfer students experiencing academic and life issues while at UGA.

For New Students

Referrals to student assistance units on campus Advocacy with upper administration

Contact Info

Judy Iakovou

321 New College


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UGA Mentor Program

The UGA Mentor Program, the University’s first comprehensive mentorship initiative, is a digital platform which allows students to form mentoring relationships with alumni, regardless of geographic location, who can help make their future a little clearer.

For New Students

The UGA Mentor Program is a resource for students to support them in developing their personal and professional networks with UGA alumni and friends; provide an avenue for students to explore professional goals, career interests, and workplace preferences; and help students to gain an appreciation for mentoring as a personal and professional development tool. The Mentor Lab facilitates the UGA Mentor Program and supports students and alumni by providing resources and programming that allows participants to maximize their mentorship. New UGA students can register for the UGA Mentor Program prior to starting their courses in the Fall.

Contact Info

UGA Mentor Program Clark

Howell Hall 825 South Lumpkin Street Athens, GA 30602



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University Testing Services

University Testing Services supports and promotes the educational mission of the University by providing centralized testing and evaluation services for all students, faculty, and the surrounding community.

For New Students

University Testing Services facilitates placement testing for incoming students. Please visit our Placement Testing page for up-to-date information:

Contact Info


Phone: 706-542-3183

Clark Howell Hall

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Student Veterans Resource Center

Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) serves as a central location for information about the university’s services for student veterans while also offering support, advocacy and a convenient location for student veterans to gather throughout the day.  SVRC provides a convenient point of contact for student veterans, a service desk staffed by veterans, an evolving network of partnerships working to improve services and programs, a comfortable lounge, and a community for student veterans. A range of diverse opportunities enables student veterans to meaningfully engage with the University and the surrounding community.

For New Students

The SVRC offers the following programs and services:

  • New Student Checklist – Get started on the right foot and take advantage of our new student checklist on our SVRC website.
  • Student Service Desk/Referral Desk – Get the assistance you need quickly by contacting our Service Desk and taking advantage of our partnerships.
  • Student Veterans Orientation – Join some of our faculty, staff and student veterans to learn more about UGA and how to thrive as a veteran on campus.
  • Student Veteran Orientation Guide – An inside scoop to programs and services available to student veterans.
  • Priority Registration – If you formally self-identify as an active duty, guard, reserve or as a student veteran you can participate in priority registration following you initial semester at UGA.
  • VetConnect –Connects our military-affiliated students to an SVRC staff member w/ the option for additional Peer2Peer engagements.
  • Transition Coach – Before arriving, you’ll be assigned a seasoned faculty or staff member to connect with and possibly help ease you transition to UGA.
  • Career Readiness Coach – Build your resume, brand, network and job opportunities by working alongside our Career Readiness Coach.
  • Veterans Newsletter – You will receive our twice-monthly Veterans Newsletter with all the information you need to keep up to date as a student veteran including VA announcements, scholarship info and career tips.
  • Share Your History – Nearly 100 of our student veterans have already shared their unique oral histories with a historian. These histories will be used for research at the UGA Special Collections Library.
  • Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter – Become a member of the SVA chapter formed to establish a social and educational network for U.S. military members, veterans, and all associated family members at the University of Georgia.

Contact Info

Ted Barco, Director
Mandy Brooks, Assistant Director

Student Veterans Resource Center
 481 Tate Student Center
First Data Student Veterans Lounge 484 Tate Student Center

Phone: 706-542-7872

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Student Life
Dawg Camp - Student Transitions

Dawg Camp is UGA’s nationally renowned extended orientation program designed to assist students with their transition into the University of Georgia community. These programs allow incoming students to make connections with new friends and mentors, build a support network, hone leadership skills, explore campus resources and learn how to get involved in the community. Most of all, Dawg Camp is an incredible amount of fun and makes the transition to college that much easier. With six unique programs, there is sure to be a Dawg Camp experience for every incoming student. Programs are limited and registration is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

For New Students

Dawg Camp invites all incoming students to register for ECHD 1537: Campus Leadership (CRN 12102). This course explores common transition topics and empowers first-year students develop their leadership skills, map out their leadership journey at UGA, and more! Throughout this course, students will build meaningful connections with other new students and upperclass peer mentors. This course has a limited capacity, spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Contact Info

Social Media
Instagram: @DawgCamp
Twitter: @UGADawgCamp
Facebook: @UGADawgCamp


International Student Life

The department of International Student Life (ISL) enhances the student learning environment through programs and services that internationalize the campus experience. ISL encourages all UGA students to take advantage of attending a global university that boasts an international community representing over 100 countries! Expand your perspective, develop highly sought intercultural competencies for your future career, and enhance your UGA experience by embracing the international diversity present on campus. Whether you are a domestic or international student, ISL has programs and opportunities for you. We are your Archway to the World during your time at UGA!

For New Students

  • Global Buddies Program: This program is an initiative between UGA’s Student Government Association and the Department of International Student Life to promote cross-cultural relationships amongst UGA students. The Global Buddies Program pairs international students with a partner student from the U.S. to meet periodically and share cultural perspectives and build long-lasting friendships.
  • International Coffee Hour: Coffee Hour at the University of Georgia is a weekly program that brings UGA students, faculty, staff, and community members together over coffee and international cuisine. Excluding scheduled University breaks, this event occurs every Friday during the fall and spring semesters from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm in the Memorial Hall Ballroom. Hosted each week by our International Student Organizations and campus departments, the UGA International Coffee Hour is one of the longest running programs of its kind across the United States (over 48 years).
  • Global Perspectives in Culture Course: ISL offers a 3-credit hour course that provides an in-depth exploration of global consciousness, culture, and personal identity. Students in this class explore on a deeper level what culture is and how to become a culturally competent student at UGA and person in the world. The CRN for Fall 2020’s course is 27449.
  • International Education Week: In 2001, the United States Department of State and Department of Education created International Education Week (IEW) to promote the benefits of international education and worldwide exchange. This week is celebrated annually across the United States and typically occurs during the month of November each year
  • Tea Talks: Tea Talks provide students and faculty at UGA to come together to discuss a culturally relevant, social justice topic in an intimate and comfortable setting. The goal of Tea Talks is to raise awareness and educate the public on a socio-cultural issue, and to facilitate a dialogue on the topic. Usually, Tea Talks consist of a 20-30 minute presentation, followed by a group discussion.
  • International Street Festival: The International Street Festival (also known as ISF or Street Fest) was created in 1999 and is an annual event that promotes internationalization and cultural awareness within the Athens community. The Festival is student and family friendly and boasts an attendance of 3,000 – 5,000 visitors each year. Various UGA student groups and community organizations host exciting cultural displays and performances throughout the Festival, which occurs in downtown Athens each spring.
  • The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB): ISAB is a select group of undergraduate and graduate international students across the UGA campus, representing a diverse background of disciplines, cultures, and lived experiences. The board members meet weekly to discuss the needs and concerns of international students, as well as next steps on how to effectively advise ISL and other UGA departments and administrative units towards better serving the international student community. International students should get to know their ISAB representatives because they are a great resource!
  • Student Organizations: ISL advises several international and cultural organizations each year. These organizations create a sense of community for UGA students, provide vibrant cultural programming throughout the year, and allow for leadership development through their many leadership positions. A full list of organizations is available online.

Contact Info

210 Memorial Hall Athens, Georgia 30602


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Multicultural Services and Programs

The Office of Multicultural Services and Programs works to create an inclusive campus environment by supporting the development and affirming the overall experiences of all students, particularly multicultural students. With this mission in mind, we:

  • Advise and provide leadership opportunities for 12 multicultural student organizations
  • Provide multicultural education programs for the campus community
  • Affirm, advocate, and facilitate learning opportunities around intersections of identities
  • Advocate for the needs of multicultural students and support them in amplifying their voice and developing agency
  • Honor, celebrate, and validate the experiences and cultures of multicultural students within the larger campus community
  • Challenge all students to fully examine issues of equity, oppression, and privilege
  • Foster a safe community of care for multicultural students

For New Students

MSP First Friday- The MSP “First Friday” open house event is open to all students, faculty, staff, and campus partners. The event will serve as an introduction to the campus community of upcoming events, programs, and workshops facilitated by MSP and MSP student organizations. Additionally, participants will be able to meet MSP staff and learn about resources available. Date TBD
MSP: LatinX Heritage Month Kick-Off. Date TBD
MSP: Native American Heritage Month Kick-Off. Date TBD

Contact Info

Multicultural Services and Programs
404 Memorial Hall Athens, GA 30602 706.542.5773

Office of Service-Learning

The UGA Office of Service-Learning (OSL) supports academic service-learning and community engagement initiatives designed to enhance students’ civic and academic learning, promote engaged research that is responsive to community needs, and contribute to the public good through mutually beneficial community-university partnerships. Each year, UGA offers about 450 courses with service-learning—look especially for classes with the –S suffix.

For New Students

  • Engage Georgia is a central place to find volunteer opportunities on campus and in the local community. Visit the page to learn more about upcoming opportunities, to track your engagement, and to find ways to connect with your local community!
  • Experience UGA is a partnership program with the Clarke County School District that brings nearly 12,000 PreK-12thgrade students to UGA’s campus for hands-on, curriculum based field trips. If you are a first-year student, please consider volunteering with Experience UGA to help support these educational opportunities.
  • The Campus Kitchen at UGA is a student-powered initiative focused on reducing food insecurity among older adults and reducing food waste in the Athens area.  With the help of students in service-learning courses and student volunteers, Campus Kitchen runs a weekly food recovery and redistribution enterprise. Student leaders and volunteers together transform unused food from grocery stores and farms into meals and groceries that are delivered to older adults and human service agencies in Athens, Georgia.
  • Grow It Know It aims to keep students learning in an engaging and creative fashion, using gardens, food, and sustainability as jumping off points for STEAM subject matter. If you are a first-year student, please connect with GIKI and help us connect to the Clarke County and Barrow County elementary, middle, and high school students we serve! We are looking for new and creative ways to reach students and families in need with fresh produce grown in the organic school gardens and get their ideas about how we can create a more equitable sustainable future.
  • The Public Service & Outreach Student Scholars program connects students with the University of Georgia’s public service and outreach (PSO) mission. This year-long program includes weekly Fall meetings to learn about UGA’s PSO units and activities, plus a supervised spring internship. Apply by March 30 for the following year’s program.


Performing Arts Center

Hosts live events for Performing Arts Center with artists from around the world, UGA School of Music, UGA Dance Department and UGA Department of Film and Theatre Studies.

For New Students

About 4 weeks out from an artist, we offer a limited number of discounted student tickets for $10 each- limit one per valid UGA Student ID

Contact Info

Dee Hayman
UGA Performing Arts Center
230 River Road Athens, GA 30602

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Recreational Sports

The Department of Recreational Sports in the Division of Student Affairs promotes healthy lifestyle choices by providing development, growth, and education for the University of Georgia through the spirit of recreation.

For New Students


  •  Ramsey Student Center
  • Pound Hall
  • Rec Sports Complex Sports

Intramural Sports: IM sports are a great way to build new relationships while being active. Each sport typically lasts for a few weeks unless it is a tournament.

Club Sports: Each Club Sport team is designed to serve individual interests in different sports and recreational activities. Our clubs are instructional, recreational and/or competitive in nature and are strictly voluntary. Club sports are student-initiated, student-led organizations officially registered with the University. Several clubs are competitive and compete against other schools and universities, and in some cases against varsity teams, at the state, regional and national level.

Fitness Classes & Personal Training Group Fitness Classes: These classes are a great option for people who want to build their best body and improve mental wellness. After purchasing a pass, pass holders may drop in to classes which best fit their schedule.

Small Group Classes:  Small group training classes are progressive, short session goal-oriented or skill-based fitness classes offered in two 8 week (fall/spring) or 4 week (summer) sessions per semester. For each new session, a class specific pass must be purchased.

Personal Training: Personal training is a great option for people who want to pursue specific fitness goals.

Outdoor Recreation Trips & Clinics: These include many outdoor activities, including flatwater and whitewater paddling, rafting, backpacking, hiking, stand-up paddleboard (SUP) trips, caving, rock climbing, snorkeling, and more. No experience is necessary!

Climbing Wall: The 43 ft. indoor UGA Climbing Wall is open to all active UGA students and Ramsey members who have successfully completed a belay clinic. The outdoor bouldering wall is open to all active UGA students and Ramsey members (no belay clinic required).

Contact Info

201 Ramsey Center Athens, GA 30602
Main Office (During Business Hours) – 706.542.5060
Ramsey Center Admissions Desk – 706.542.1454
Pound Hall Admissions Desk – 706.542.7052

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University Health Center (UHC)

The University Health Center serves as a safe space and central resource for the UGA campus community regarding physical health, mental health & wellness. Our mission is to provide quality care and education for students to be proactive with all areas of health. Our services range from Primary Care, Comprehensive Specialty Care and Health Promotion & Wellness (home to BeWellUGA). All students have access to UHC services as part of the UGA Health Fee. The Health Fee allows students access to Primary Care with no out of pocket costs for visits with their clinicians (labs, procedures. prescriptions are an additional cost) and FREE workshops, events services and programs through BeWellUGA.

For New Students

UHC Health Promotion Department offers several FREE resources to support new students on campus.

  • Wellness Coaching – coaching for all areas of wellness(time management, social, physical and more)
  • Fontaine Mentor program(Freshmen assigned a mentor)
  • Nutrition classes, counseling and support
  • RSVP- Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention 24/7 Free & Confidential services for those impacted by sexual assault or violence.
  • Primary Care Clinic- is a great first stop and a great resource to guide you to the right resources( physical, mental health and wellness)

FreshCheckDay UGA 2020 (FREE) hosted by University Health Center and Housing in collaboration with campus partners and student peers to provide an interactive fun experience for all freshmen. The event takes place at Stegmen Coliseum Monday, August 17th and Tuesday, August 18th. Save the date! Your Freshmen Residence Hall Leader will have more details to your time slot.Free goodies, food, games and social connection with your new flat mates!

BeWellUGA Fest(FREE)- Wednesday, October 7th at Tate Student Center(outdoor and indoor): Taking care of you! Interactive booths with peers, games, prizes, giveaways and FOOD! Also get your flu shot with #FlUGA Mobile Clinic.

Jingle Bell Fun Run(FREE) – UGA Golf Course, Reading Day, Thursday, December 10th – registration 9am/run start 10am. Run or walk this beautiful rolling golf course.

Contact Info

University Health Center located on East Campus across from Ramsey Student Center (RecSports)

Make appointments online at UHC patient portal(If you do not find an appointment call 706-542-1162)
The Fontaine Center- located in UHC/Health Promotion Department, 706-542-8690
Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention(RSVP) Hotline 24/7 FREE & CONFIDENTIAL 706-542-SAFE(7233)

Counseling & Psychiatric Services(CAPS) -located in UHC. Call for consultation or appointment M-F, 8am-5pm. After hours CAPS Crisis Services are accessible by phone by calling UGAPD at 706-542-2200 and requesting to speak with a CAPS clinician.

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Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel

The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel features a recently renovated 200-room hotel, the Savannah Room and Bulldog Bistro restaurants, and meeting and banquet space for groups up as large as 600 people. Our renowned continuing education and youth programs serve the people of the state of Georgia and beyond as we strive to educate generations of learners and improve the lives of Georgians.

For New Students

The UGA Center for Continuing Education & Hotel is just right for families of students visiting for the weekend — or any length of time! We are the official hotel of UGA, conveniently located right on campus, with 200 rooms and suites to match your needs and your budget. Our staff has been trained to anticipate and exceed your needs. We’ve been part of the UGA family for more than 60 years, and now you are, too — we hope to become your new home away from home. Whether you come for business or pleasure, the Georgia Center is the heart of our campus, and includes a full-service conference center hosting individuals, families, and groups, with dining, meeting space and housing all under one roof. We offer a variety of dining and coffee beverage options, including carryout and curbside pickup, with individual and family-style portions available. We’re also easily accessible from the UGA buses! Student employment opportunities exist in nearly every department of the Georgia Center at various times throughout the school year — whether you have a passion for customer service or crafting the perfect cup of coffee, aspire to a career in events or hospitality management, or are pursuing studies in marketing, business, design, education or a number of other fields, we may have just the position for you. Many positions have flexible schedules with options for daytime or evening shifts. Come see us at the annual UGA Part-Time Job and Internship Fair on August 26, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., in the Tate Grand Hall, and be sure to check Handshake for opportunities as they arise.

Contact Info

Center for Continuing Education & Hotel 1197 S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602 706-548-1311 (front desk phone, staffed 24/7) Sue Smith specifically: room 182, 706-542-6361

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One Stop Shop

Have questions about meal plans, bus routes, or parking permits? We are your one stop shop for campus services and are here to help answer your questions. As a department of Auxiliary Services, we specialize in the UGA Bookstore, Dining Services, Transportation & Parking, Golf Course, and Vending Services. The One Stop Shop was built to assist you with services that connect you to campus. A few of these services include: · Lost & Found Items from UGA Buses · Visitor Information · Meal Plan Sign-ups · Bulldog Bucks Deposits · Dining Account Information · Parking Permit Registration and Account Management · Bus Route Information · Vending Refunds · Bulldog Bike Share

Contact Info

Rm 100 UGA Bookstore 40 Baxter Street Athens, GA 30602

Open: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Phone Numbers: Meal Plan / Dining / Bulldog Bucks: (706) 542-7130 Parking: (706) 542-7275
Lost and Found: (706) 542-9565

UGA Bookstore

The UGA Bookstore is the best place for your textbook, technology, school supply needs, and Bulldog gear! The UGA Bookstore ensures that you have access to the correct materials for your courses. Our textbook program consists of rental, digital, used and new course materials as well as a year-round buyback service. Check out the virtual tour of the UGA Bookstore.

For New Students

Textbooks The UGA Bookstore ensures that you have access to the correct materials for your courses. Our textbook program consists of rental, digital, used and new course materials as well as a year-round buyback service. Select your textbooks in the store or online. If shopping online, use the “Textbooks” link at the top of our homepage to identify your course materials. If you prefer to shop in the store, our customer service team is happy to help you find your textbooks. Save money on textbooks by taking advantage of: • Free in-store pickup for any online orders • Price match guarantee  • Year-round buyback on new and used textbooks Rental Books Our rental program is the best way to save money on textbooks. You can save more than 50% off the price of a new textbook, still highlight and write notes in the books you rent, and return books for free. Digital Books Digital books allow you to access your textbooks anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Used Books Used books are helpful for students who need a book for more than one semester or wish to own their textbook while still saving money. New Books New books are also a great option, many come with additional online materials available through an online access code.

Contact Info

40 Baxter Street, Athens, GA 30602

Phone (706) 542-3171


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University of Georgia Golf Course

The University Golf Course is set on the beautiful rolling terrain in northeast Georgia and is widely regarded as one of the finest university courses in the United States. Originally designed by Robert Trent Jones in 1968 and renovated by Love Golf Design in 2006, the course is up to the standards of modern championship play and is home to the UGA men’s and women’s golf teams. The course is open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public. We offer an 18-hole championship-level course, options for 9-holes, a variety of tees, driving range, golf shop, and café. No clubs? No problem — we offer rental clubs to help you get out on the course! You can also enjoy a snack or meal at the Champions Café and study in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on campus. Tour each hole of the course and explore inside the clubhouse with our 360° virtual tour.

For New Students

Student Golf Rates Take advantage of our affordable student rates starting at $14.50 for 9-holes. You can reserve tee times online or in person. Student Leagues & Clubs There are many ways for you to get involved at the UGA Golf Course whether you are a first-time or experienced golfer. Learn how to play golf or improve your skills by taking a UGA P.E. course, which counts for your physical education credit. Or, join an intramural or club team through UGA Rec Sports.

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