First-Year Spring Schedule

Please Note That This Schedule is Subject to Change


Check-in for your orientation session will begin at 8:00am in the Tate Student Center, which is located on the corner of Baxter Street and Lumpkin Street in Athens, GA. This check-in will take place on the 5th floor of Tate Student Center. Parking for check-in and for the duration of the orientation program will be in the Tate Student Center Parking Deck; students and families will receive a parking validation pass upon checking in.

Please keep in mind that students who arrive late will be unable to attend the day’s orientation session and will be asked to reschedule to a later session to fulfill the orientation requirement. All students must attend a New Student Orientation session; if you do not attend one prior to the start of classes, you must reapply for admission to UGA for a future term. If for some reason you experience an emergency the day of your session and will be unable to attend, please contact Tori Tanner at 706-870-3464.


Your New Student Orientation Session will begin at 8:00am on the first day and the program will conclude at 5:00pm. Please plan to be engaged in the orientation program for the duration of this time.

5 days prior to your session, you will be able to access your session schedule on the Welcome to UGA app for smartphones and tablets (alternate formats available upon request).


Prior to attending New Student Orientation, please be sure to clear the Verification of Lawful Presence and other holds on your student account. You can find holds that you need to clear on your Status Check page. Check out the Pre-Orientation to-do list (link to to-do list) and remember that failure to complete any of these tasks may prevent you from being able to register for classes at your chosen Orientation session.