Incoming students will meet with their academic advisor virtually this summer. Students are required to complete their UGA 101 modules and upon completion, students will receive an academic advising appointment date range based on when they complete their modules. Upon completion of that advising appointment and clearing of all other holds, students will be able to complete their class registration.

Here are some tips from UGA’s academic advisors to prepare you for your first advising appointment

  • Want to change your major? Students wanting to change their major prior to their academic advising appointment.
  • Complete the Intake Survey: In order for your academic advisor to be made aware of your academic history. You must complete the intake survey prior to your online academic advising appointment. The link to the survey can be accessed here.
  • Explore the UGA Bulletin:All students, and particularly students who are undecided about their academic major, should explore the UGA Bulletin for information about UGA’s vast array of over 170 academic programs.
  • Explore the Course Schedulebefore meeting with your advisor, and create a tentative list of courses that you would like to take during your first semester at UGA. However, recognize that the course schedule is subject to change, and you will need to be flexible as you and your advisor create a schedule that combines your originally planned courses and the courses that are available at the time you come to register.
  • Advisors meet with students only.Make sure your parents understand that you are expected to take control of your academic planning and goal setting during the advising appointment. Your parents should make alternative plans during your advising appointment. Nonetheless, it might be good to discuss your plans with your parents beforehand, in case they have questions.
  • Familiarize yourself with UGA’s Academic Support: the Division of Academic Enhancementoffers UNIV courses to all students who want to refresh study skills, get an introduction to UGA, learn how to write a research paper, or many other topics. Students should also explore the UGA Writing Center in Park Hall.