For complete Testing Information, please visit the University Testing Services page.

Read the entirety of this page to determine whether you need to take placement examinations before your First-Year orientation session.

Transfer students: placement exams are not required before orientation though they may be beneficial in earning credit at UGA.

Placement Exams

Placement Exams are an important means for The University of Georgia to determine in which classes students should begin their studies. Most students will be required to take at least one departmental placement exam to determine placement into the appropriate level of study at UGA. Please read these bullets carefully:

  • All placement exams should be completed before your orientation session. If you do not complete the exams, courses available to you will be limited once you are cleared to register for classes during your orientation session.
  • Only students who live more than 3 hours driving distance from Athens or out-of-state students may take their exams during their orientation sessions, though they are encouraged and welcome to come for one of the May or June testing sessions
  • Transfer students: placement exams are not required before orientation though they may be beneficial in earning credit at UGA.
  • Testing Schedules: Testing sessions are scheduled in May and June for those attending orientation sessions in May-August (students beginning their studies at UGA during summer or fall semesters). Please visit the University Testing Services Website to view and register for your test.
  • Failure to take Required Examinations: If you fail to take or are unable to take your required exams during times provided, it is your responsibility to arrange to take the necessary exams with University Testing Services in Clark Howell Hall. If you arrange to take the exams with UTS, it will be on a space-available basis. There will be a per test fee (including Math & English Placement Tests) for any tests arranged with University Testing Services.
  • Registration. Students will be able to register and pay for needed exams through the University Testing Website.
Exempting Placement Tests with Advanced Credit

Students may have already earned credit or exempted courses in one of the following ways (the links are to sites that provide more details regarding UGA policy on each):

Check here to see if you are exempt from the English Placement Test

Check here to see if you are exempt from the Math Placement Test

If you have earned credit or exempted courses through one of the placement options, please ensure that you send your test scores to the University of Georgia, using UGA’s College Board Code (5813) or your college transcripts to the Admissions Office so that you do not have to take unnecessary placement exams. If your test scores have not been reported; UGA has not received your test scores; or the Admissions Office has not received college transcripts before your orientation session, it may be to your benefit to take the placement exams. When we receive your test scores or dual-enrollment transcripts, the scores or college credit that benefit you the most will be used.

Math Placement Test

The Mathematics Department asks you to take the mathematics placement exam seriously and review your basic algebra and trigonometry. You will have only one attempt at the exam and your math placement and possible exemption of a core course depend on your results. Students who receive AP credit for calculus on the Calculus AB or BC exams do not need to take the test. For a list of topics covered on the exam, see the department’s prep page.

The math departmental placement exam only places students into math classes and does not award credit for classes that a student exempts by scoring highly enough on the exam. However, by taking the departmental exam, students may exempt courses for MATH 1101 or MATH 1113, which may satisfy General Education Core and/or Degree requirements.

All students who have not earned credit for or exempted MATH 1113 are encouraged to take the math departmental placement exam. Calculators are not permitted for this exam. Students may have earned credit for or exempted MATH 1113 by:

  • Scoring 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB exam or the AP Calculus BC exam
  • Scoring 6 or higher on the IB High Level Mathematics exam
  • Earning dual enrollment credit in MATH 1113

Please consult the Department of Mathematics or University Testing Services for more details.

English Placement Test

The English Departmental Placement exam gives students the opportunity to earn credit in ENGL 1101 and places them into ENGL 1102. Last year the number of students who received credit after taking the exam was less than 8% for all test takers, due to the large number of students who earned credit through their AP or IB exams. Last year, roughly 80% of entering UGA students who took the AP English Literature & Composition or the AP English Language & Composition received credit by scoring 3 or higher on either exam. Students who do not take the English Placement and do not have previous credit in ENGL 1101 or 1102 will begin their studies in college in ENGL 1101.

If you meet one of the following criteria, do not take the English Placement exam:

  • Scored 590 or higher on the SAT Critical Reading
  • Scored 26 or higher on the ACT English
  • Scored 3 or higher on the AP Language & Composition Exam or the AP Literature & Composition exam
  • Scored 5 or higher on the IB High Level English Exam
  • Earned dual-enrollment, transferable credit in ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1102

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, take the English Departmental Placement Exam.

Please consult University Testing Services for further details.

Foreign Language Exams

There are foreign language placement exams in French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish that are required for students who plan to continue studying the same foreign language in college that they studied in high school. These exams are used for placement. Students may earn credit or exempt courses depending on how they perform on the exams. Exams may only be attempted once.

For exams in other languages, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has a list of individual departments to contact.

Please consult University Testing Services for further details.