It is recommended that you complete any necessary placement exams before your advising appointment. If you have questions about which placement exams you should take, please review the information on the University Testing Services website. Further questions can be directed to

Placement tests are facilitated by UTS on behalf of UGA departments. Given this, placement exams will be handled in a few different ways while our campus is closed to the public due to Covid-19.


The English placement exam will be given remotely through UTS utilizing ELC and Zoom. Testing will begin May 15th. Registration is now open through RegisterBlast on the UTS website.


The paper-based Mathematics Exemption Test will not be given during the summer of 2020 through University Testing Services; however, the Math Department has made changes to the online ALEKS Placement Exam so that Exemptions can be granted by this exam. Exam information and registration can be found on the Math Department’s website here. Questions regarding the ALEKS exam should be directed to the math department.

Foreign Language

UTS is coordinating with the foreign language departments to find solutions for these exams and will post updates as they become available.

  • Placement tests for Spanish, French, and Italian are in production and will be offered via ELC and Zoom by May 31st.
  • For German placement, please contact Alexander Sager at
  • For Latin placement, please contact Mario Erasmo at