UGA 101 Modules

UGA 101 Modules are required for all incoming students and they must be completed prior to attending your in-person orientation session.

Transfer students must complete their UGA 101 modules in order to get their virtual academic advising appointment.

First-year, spring start students must complete their modules prior to attending the in-person orientation session and will be advised in-person during the session.

What are the UGA 101 modules?

These modules are a series of videos, information pages, and links to resources that will help incoming students connect with and learn about various campus resources, programs, and organizations. Upon completion, students will be better prepared to be successful students, leaders, and members of the Bulldog Nation.

Can I just click through these modules?

Each module has mechanisms at the end to test what you learned and to ensure that incoming students are remembering the important information. Each module is also set with automated timers and checkpoints that do not allow students to advance until the module is complete.

Can I go back and look at this information later?

Students will also have access to these modules throughout their first year at UGA to revisit and reference when they may need that additional information.