Frequently Asked Questions

New Student Orientation is excited to deliver a hybrid orientation program via UGA 101 online modules and an in-person orientation session with an in-person academic advising appointment.

Below, we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions regarding orientation.

Do all new students have to complete orientation requirements?

Yes, the university has identified completion of New Student Orientation as an integral part of the student’s transition to the University of Georgia. Each student is required to complete the UGA 101 modules, attend an in-person orientation session, and attend an in-person academic advising appointment.

Does completing the UGA 101 modules earlier affect academic advising?

No. Students must complete their UGA 101 modules prior to attending their in-person orientation session – but completing your Academic Advising: Step One information form before arriving on campus for orientation is critical.

How will I know when my academic advising date/time is?

Your academic advisor will send an email to your UGA email address with the time and location of your academic advising appointment during orientation.

For students attending a 1-day session, you will get an email by 10:00am of your orientation and will have your appointment in the afternoon of your session.

For students attending a 2-day session, you will get an email by 10:00am on day 2 of your orientation and will have your appointment in the afternoon of day 2 of your session.

Are the in-person orientation sessions required?

Attending a New Student Orientation session is required. These sessions will offer the opportunity to connect with other incoming students, campus staff, faculty and Orientation Leaders. It will also allow you to be even more prepared to be successful at UGA with campus tours, an introduction to dining halls, resource and organizational fairs, and much more.

When and how do students sign up to attend a mandatory, in-person orientation session?

Students will be able to begin registering for an in-person orientation session through their application status page. For fall and summer-start students this will occur in early May and for spring-start students this will occur in early November. Students will be sent all information needed to their UGA email address.

Is there a cost associated with Orientation?

All of the orientation programs are supported by a portion of each student’s $300 commitment deposit.

How do I modify or change my session selection after I’ve already confirmed one?

Students can log into their application status page at any time to change their session to another available date.

Do parents or family members have to come with me to Orientation?

We provide an intentional program for families and guests during each orientation session and while they are not required to attend these sessions, we do encourage them to join us for the program. Throughout the orientation program, parents and families will have a separate schedule. This schedule will have some similar sessions to the student schedule, as well as sessions specific for their experience.

We encourage you to only bring your immediate supporters to orientation. Please do not bring more than 2 guests.

Do my parents or family members who attend with me have to pay?

There is no additional costs for parents, families, or guests. However, if they would like to eat in one of the dining halls for lunch or dinner, they will be able to pay a discounted rate to do so.

Do I get advised or register for classes at the in-person orientation sessions?

Academic advising and class registration will occur on day 2 of the in-person orientation session for students attending 2-day sessions and in the afternoon for students attending 1-day sessions.

Where should I park during orientation?

Parking passes will be provided at check-in for the parking deck at the Tate Student Center. 

What if I require special accommodations for a medical, physical, or disability-related need? Will the University be able to help individuals who seek special assistance?

Individuals who seek additional assistance during their stay should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) prior to their visit. You can contact them via email at The New Student Orientation Program works closely with the DRC to identify helpful resources for guests who require additional assistance.

What if I have an AP, IB, dual enrollment, or transfer credit that has not yet been verified?

Students with pending or potential credits should complete the Academic Advising: Step One information form promptly. Be sure to accurately list all AP and IB exams taken, as well as all dual enrollment and/or transfer courses that were recently completed or are in progress this summer. Your academic advisor will need this information to help you build your fall schedule and avoid taking courses you might not need.