Orientation Leader Application FAQ

Below you will find some commonly asked questions regarding the application to become an Orientation Leader (OL). For any additional questions you may have, Director of New Student Orientation, Nic Laconico (nic.laconico@uga.edu).

Can I apply if I am a freshman/first year?

Yes, we would love for you to apply!

Do I have to create a Slate account to apply?

Yes! All applicants will need to create a new account using their UGA email address in order to apply to be a 2023 Orientation Leader.

Please be sure to use the MyID@uga.edu (ex abc12345@uga.edu) version of your UGA email when creating an account.

On the application, what do I enter for GPA and credit hours if I am a freshman/first year?

Enter a 4.0 for your GPA because you haven’t completed an academic term at UGA, and for credit hours enter the number of hours you are taking this semester.

Are transfer students eligible to apply?

Yes, transfer students are more than welcome to apply!

Am I eligible to apply if I graduate this summer?

No, orientation leaders must be enrolled full-time in classes during the spring 2023 and fall 2023 semesters.

Where can I find the 2023 Orientation Leader application?

You can complete the application here. In addition to filling out basic personal information and answer 1 video essay question, you will also submit a resume and list of references in the application portal.

Where is the New Student Orientation located, and what are the hours of business?

The New Student Orientation office is located on the second floor of Terrell Hall (on North Campus near the Arch), and the hours of business are 9:00am-4:00pm.

Please email Director of New Student Orientation, Nic Laconico (nic.laconico@uga.edu) with any questions or concerns you might have before coming to the office.

Do I have to attend an information session?

All applicants are required to attend at least one information session. If for some reason you are unable to attend any of the listed dates, please contact Assistant Director of New Student Orientation, Nic Laconico (nic.laconico@uga.edu) as soon as possible

  • Information sessions are listed below:
    • Wednesday, September 7, 4:30-5:30pm, Tate 137
    • Monday, September 12, 4:00-5:00pm, Tate 137
    • Thursday, September 15, 5:00-6:00pm, Tate 137
    • Wednesday, September 21, 4:00-5:00pm, Intersection (Tate 3rd floor)
    • Thursday, September 22, 2:00-3:00pm, Virtual
If I am not able to attend one of the required dates listed on the application, am I still eligible to apply?

No, each of the required dates represents a component of the orientation leader training process that is critical to individual and team growth. If you have concerns or questions, please contact Director of New Student Orientation, Nic Laconico (nic.laconico@uga.edu) as soon as possible.

Does the reference I list on my application have to write a letter of recommendation?

No, they do not. We will contact them directly for a reference check.

What is the attire for interviews?

Group interviews: business casual

Individual interviews: business professional

The UGA Career Center has great resources that explain the difference in attire. Learn more by visiting their website: https://career.uga.edu/interviewing/professional_attire

How will I schedule a group interview?

Once you have submitted your application, you will be prompted to sign up for a group interview in the application portal.

In order to participate in a group interview, all applicants must sign up for an interview by Monday, October 10th at 5:00pm.

How will I schedule an individual interview?

Applicants who are chosen to move forward in the interview process will be made aware in the application portal.

What is the personal introduction in the application process?

The personal introduction provides us with more information about those who have been selected for an individual interview.

Submitted in the application portal, applicants should provide us more insight into their personality, what they love about UGA, and why they want to be an Orientation Leader.

When is the personal introduction due?

All applicants who are invited to participate in the individual interview process must submit their personal introduction to the application portal by Tuesday, November 1st at 5:00pm. If you do not submit your personal introduction on time, you will not be able to participate in an individual interview.

Where will interviews take place?
  • Group interviews: Tate Student Center, Room 480
  • Individual interviews: An email with this information will be sent to invited applicants by Monday, October 24th.
Will my application be accepted if I submit it after 4 PM EST on Thursday, September 22nd?

No, the application must be completed and submitted by 4 PM EST on September 22nd.

Any application submitted after that will not be accepted, and the applicant will not be able to participate in the interview process.

Can I still interview if I arrive late to my interview or miss my scheduled interview time?

Timeliness is an essential component of this role. Therefore, those who arrive late or miss their interview will not have the opportunity to continue with the interview process.

When will I find out if I am moving onto the individual interview process?

Applicants will be notified whether they are moving forward or not via the application portal. These decisions will be released by Monday, October 24th.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the application or Orientation Leader position?

Please contact Director of New Student Orientation, Nic Laconico (nic.laconico@uga.edu), with any questions regarding the Orientation Leader application and process.